laurent lang

fullstack web engineer

cloud specialist

online marketer


Based in Vienna, Austria
Coding since 2006
Self-employed since 2017
Fluent in German, English, French and Luxembourgish
BSc in Business & Economics, MSc in Marketing
Co-founder and CTO of INSURNEXT (a Luxembourg-based insurtech)


Frontend and backend JavaScript web development
API development
SQL and NoSQL databases
(Serverless) cloud infrastructure setup and maintenance
Online marketing consulting
IT project management
Wordpress theme development
Shopify development
UX design

technical skills

JavaScript & TypeScript (NodeJS, Express, Nest, Vue, Nuxt, React, NextJS, Svelte, Astro, Quasar)
PHP, SQL, MongoDB, GraphQL, Docker
Accessibility specialist (WCAG 2.1)
Azure, AWS, Digitalocean, Firebase, Cloudflare, Vercel
Sketch, Invision, Figma, Adobe XD

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featured work

Studio Arde

client: Studio Arde - Johanna Lederer

astro, html & css development; gsap animations; cloud infrastructure setup


client: Lemona Workplace Solutions

wordpress development; custom post types & user admin area (jetengine)

Search Smart

client: Dr Michael Gusenbauer

development: nextjs (frontend), vuejs (backend), nodejs (api & serverless functions); backend ui design; cloud infrastructure setup

models + actors republic

models + actors republic

development: svelte & sveltekit (frontend), vuejs (backend), nodejs (api & serverless functions); backend ui design; cloud infrastructure setup

Patchbox Shop

client: PATCHBOX

shopify theme development (html, css, javascript, liquid)

Patchbox Rack-Planner

client: PATCHBOX

development: frontend (nuxtjs), nodejs (api); cloud infrastructure setup; crm integration

Hamann Architects

client: Hamann Architects

html, css & nuxtjs development

Café NIL

client: Café NIL

wordpress development; javascript animations


client: invest.austria

wordpress development

The New Virtual

client: Process Studio

html, css & javascript development

Tokens for Climate Care

client: Process Studio

nuxtjs development, api integration


client: Process Studio

nuxtjs development, api integration

Kleider Bauer

client: Kleider Bauer

ui design, wordpress development

Hämmerle - Das Modehaus

client: Hämmerle - Das Modehaus

ui design, wordpress development


client: Vanbreda Risk & Benefits

ui and ux design, nodejs and express development, backend development, cloud infrastructure setup

KMU im Fokus 2022

client: KMU Forschung Austria, Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Wirtschaft

html, css & javascript development; WCAG 2.1 AA conformance

Seliger Consulting

client: Dr Ruth Seliger

ui design, wordpress development


client: Bettina Pepek

wordpress development

Sabine Traxler

client: Sabine Traxler

wordpress development


client: HVOB

php development